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Pallett: your heating and cooling experts and energy savings partner in VA

We can help you use less fuel and reduce your heating oil bills

The new heating oil is an environmentally friendly way to heat your home and hot water. New energy-efficient equipment burns low sulfur fuel 95% cleaner than in 1970 – well within EPA standards. And there have been advances in how heating oil is refined as well. In fact, over the last 30 years, the carbon footprint of heating oil has been reduced by 40%.

Like any commodity, heating oil is subject to fluctuations in price. Some of this is caused by political instability and economic factors. But much of it is also caused by rampant oil price speculation — a situation that has drawn the attention of government regulators.
While we cannot control the price of oil, there are things we can do to make your heating bill easier to manage.
What can you do about high energy bills?
As your full service home comfort provider, we’d like to suggest some steps you can take to get more from your energy dollar:
  1. Sign up for our Budget Payment Plan to lower your winter heating bills and make convenient monthly payments.
  2. Make sure your heating system is operating at peak efficiency by having a professional tune-up, which is FREE when you choose Pallett Heating and Cooling service plan.
  3. Upgrade to a new, high-efficiency heating system.
  4. Insulate your home, especially windows and doors, with weather stripping and caulking to keep cold drafts out.
  5. Reduce fuel consumption with a programmable thermostat. When used correctly, they can reduce your heating costs by 10% or more.
  6. Keep baseboards and vents clear of rugs and furniture so you don't block heat output.
  7. Check out more energy-saving tips you can use all year round.
  Budget Payment Plan
Our Budget Payment Plan makes your winter heating bills more manageable! With today’s energy prices, many of our customers are experiencing very high fuel bills. But customers who are enrolled in our Budget Payment Plan pay equal monthly installments. That’s because our Budget Payment Plan lets you spread out your fuel payments over 11 months, leaving you without the hassle of large, unexpected bills during the winter months.
Here’s what we do: we review your fuel use over the past few winters and estimate your expected fuel use. We multiply the number of gallons by our estimated market price, and divide this number by 11 months to arrive at you monthly payment amount. You’ll make equal, predictable monthly payments.
A typical homeowner in our area spends $379 each month from December through March and another $379 for the rest of the year. If it is really cold and you get two deliveries in a month, you could pay more than $758 in that month. With our monthly payment plan, that same homeowner would only pay about $172 a month.
Pallett VA heating oil price protection program
Each delivery you receive will be posted to your account at our Charge Price per gallon. With credit approval, payments are due by the 10th or 20th of the month (you pick your due date). At the end of the budget, after all payments have been made, a discount of $.10 per gallon will be credited to your account. If you have a credit balance at the end of the plan, you can either request a refund or have that amount applied toward the next year’s budget to lower your monthly payment. Interested in the Pallett Budget Payment Plan? It’s easy, just fill out this form.
  Automatic Delivery
When you’re on automatic delivery, we manage your fuel deliveries so you don’t have to. It’s just one less thing you have to worry about.   Because you’re on our “radar screen,” we can be proactive and get fuel in your tank in plenty of time when a big storm is coming our way.
Automatic delivery prevents run-outs. It is easy, convenient and FREE!
  Make life easy with a Home Comfort Plan
Heating and cooling systems tend to malfunction at the worst times—like the coldest or the hottest day of the year. You can help avoid problems like this with one of our comprehensive service plans options.
We offer two levels: our Silver Plan and our Gold Plan. Both plans offer you annual precision tune-ups and priority service, helping you avoid big, unexpected repair bills and giving you a guaranteed, prompt service response. Choose the best plan for you:

  Heating and AC system tune-ups
Annual preventive maintenance tune-ups keep your system running smoothly and operating more efficiently. Here are just some of the benefits of regular maintenance:
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Lower your annual heating cost by as much as 10%
  • Prevent costly, unexpected breakdowns
  • Keep your system running clean and looking good
When we perform your tune-up, we don’t take shortcuts. We use high-tech testing equipment to ensure accurate readings of your system’s efficiency. Our technicians attend frequent training sessions to learn about the latest advances in heating technology. We take the time to thoroughly examine and adjust your system to ensure it runs cleanly and efficiently all year long.
Click here to schedule your equipment tune-up today.
  Tank Protection
If you have a Basic or Maximum Heat Protection Plan, then you have Tank Protection. If your tank leaks after we inspect it, we will repair or replace it with an aboveground 275-tank, or give you a $500.00 credit towards the replacement of an underground tank. If you don’t have one of our heating protection plans you can also purchase Tank Protection for an annual fee of $30.50.
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