2014 Spring Newsletter

Service that Didn’t Leave You Cold

Dear Friends,

Wow, what a winter! We had more cold and snow than most people cared for. For only the second time in our history, we closed the office for a day when more than seven inches of snow fell.…

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Prevent Problems this Summer

Don’t wait for the first hot day to call for your a/c tune-up! You’ll be fighting for an appointment with everyone else who has waited until the last minute.

Once your tune-up is done, you should be set for a…

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Keep Those Ducts in a Row

The U.S. Department of Energy says as much as 40% of the air traveling through the typical duct system leaks out as a result of cracks and gaps in ductwork.

This results in higher energy bills because your heating and…

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The 5 Rules for Improving Your Relationship with your A/C System

1. Don’t Neglect Your System

Pay attention to your system. If it is not keeping your home as comfortable as before and your electric bills have increased dramatically, you may be making the biggest mistake of all: failing to have…

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Help! I’ve Lost My Air Conditioning

If you lose your air conditioning, don’t panic. Just follow this checklist to see if you can fix the problem yourself. If you can’t, call us and we’ll be glad to help.

Keep in mind that on extremely hot days,…

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We Invest in Training

We make every effort to ensure that our workers are beyond trustworthy, as well as skilled.

All our technicians are licensed and certified. And all of them — no matter how experienced — attend monthly training seminars to sharpen their…

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